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The SuMMIT Software Division of EUV Technology Corporation develops and markets Litho analysis and modeling software. Despite the company name, our software is intended for use in all areas of lithography and mask making, not simply the EUV regime. 

SuMMIT SEM and Litho Image Analysis Software

SuMMIT: The industry solution for rigorous, reproducible, powerful, and user friendly, LER/LWR and CDU analysis of SEM and other images since 2004. 

SuMMIT is an interactive off-line analysis package for litho-relevant image data analysis such critical dimension (CD), line-edge/width roughness (LER/LWR), process window, contact hole,  corner rounding, surface roughness  etc. SuMMIT works with a wide variety of image data including, SEM, TEM, aerial-image microscope, AFM, modeling ... This feature-rich analysis program integrates a variety of visualization tools and numerous built-in processing algorithms into a user-friendly, yet powerful, GUI with automation capabilities. Introduced in 2004, SuMMIT is in use througout the lithography industry and has been referenced in numerous scientific papers. For more information on SuMMIT and the available toolboxes, please refer to our product page. To see what's new and upgrade your current version to the latest release please visit our support page.

In addition to metrology image analysis, SuMMIT is your complete LER solution incorporating powerful tools for modeling. Using the Stochastic Resist Modeling Toolbox, SuMMIT provides fully integrated stochatic resist modeling capabilities. Simply load an aerial image into SuMMIT, define the resist parameteras, and SuMMIT will compute the resulting stochastic resist and intermediate images and automatically compute the LER. Interested in modeling mask effects? SuMMIT can export measured and/or synthesized mask absorber data for use in your favorite litho modeling package. Analyze mask SEM data and export that data for modeling of effects such as LER transfer function. Also, SuMMIT addresses mask surface/phase roughness modeling with the Surface Analysis Toolbox that allows for easy synthesis of mask modeling input given surface data from a variety of tools including AFM and interferometers. Just take the ouput mask data and feed it into you litho modeling package. MetroLER


Purchasing SuMMIT

SuMMIT can be downloaded through our support page, however, in order to install and run the program, a license key is required. Please contact our sales department for a quote and delivery of a license file. Volume and student pricing available. Time-limited trial licenses are also available upon request.


Application Notes
#1 - SuMMIT is not just for SEMs anymore
#2 - Dealing with large datasets
#3 - Measuring Corners

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